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Theater Challenge: 6 Characters
╚ 6/6 Melchior Gabor (Spring Awakening)

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MBLAQ Lee Joon Makes His First Ever Donation to Sewol Victims

Making his first donation ever, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon sent support for the Sewol ferry victims. 

On April 24, the Community Chest of Korea shared that Lee Joon donated 10 million won to the ferry victims. 


Lee Joon made the donation quietly but it became known when a staff member called for confirmation. 

“The donation came in through his real name Lee Chang Sun, so we didn’t know it was Lee Joon, but we found out when we called to confirm,” said a staff member. “He said that it was his first donation and apologized for the small amount.”

The donation will be used to support the ongoing rescue mission and the victims’ families. (x)

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Jonathan Groff in the The Normal Heart trailer

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Younger Than Springtime
Jonathan Groff
Played 900 times

Getting to Know You: Rodgers & Hammerstein at 92Y
               featuring Jonathon Groff

My Friend (From South Pacific {cut})
Suddenly Lovely (From South Pacific {cut})
Younger Than Springtime (From South Pacific)

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The night is bitter, The stars have lost their glitter
The winds grow colder And suddenly you’re older 
And all because of the man that got away.


Ever since this world began
There is nothing sadder than
A one-man woman looking for
The man that got away….

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#tbt ‘Cyrano’ at The Fulton Opera House in Lancaster PA -with Jonathan Groff

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Reindeers are better than people.

Frozen Movie Posters ft. Kristoff | Princess Anna | Queen Elsa |

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Ted Chapin & Jonathan Groff preview Lyrics & Lyricists’
Getting To Know You: Rodgers & Hammerstein (x)